Choosing Headphones For Your Kids

Today’s kid use all type of modern gadgets including smartphones, tablets and yes headphones. Many modern games need headphones for communicating with partners or to hear every minute sound of the enemy. Choosing the right headphones for your kids is important not just because to get quality sound, but also many cheap headphones can damage your child’s hearing. There are many headphones that we tested and find out that they are not suitable for children younger than 11 year old.

Things to Consider When Looking for Best Headphones

Sound Limit: Most young kids want to play games or watch movies that have loud sound. But many parents don’t realize that it is easy to damage the child’s hearing without even noticing the warning signs of damage. Many child expert recommend a maximum sound level of 80 decibels. A noise level greater than 80 dB can cause hearing loss. Many best headphones in India for kids allow for control of sound limits to prevent any damage to your child’s ear. What looking for in a great set of kids gaming headset is an effective volume limiter to protect those sensitive ears, a good, comfortable fit for smaller heads, minimum noise leakage and some kid-friendly fun in the design.

Comfortable Fit: Your kid’s head and ears are smaller, therefore headphones meant for adult do not fit comfortably on your kids head. When purchasing kid’s headphone you should choose the one that is easily adjustable and have padded cups that fit snugly on your kid’s ears without slipping or pinching.

Cost: As most kids do not take care of their belongings and use everything like a toy, You need to buy headphones that are strong and durable, yet not much costly. Finding something that will last, is of high quality, and still looks fun enough for your child to want to use it is not an easy task.

Be Happy And Don’t Always Judge

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Seems like I’m always on the go and when I do finally get a chance to rest I really don’t feel like writing! (lol) But this has been something that has been bothering me for a while. I guess its because I feel like I have someone in my life right now who is having trouble following my motto, “Don’t Judge Be Happy”.

No one wants to be judged so why do some feel the need to do it! I think some don’t realize that they are doing it. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to keep from judging them! Truth is it’s really hard not to judge others and we can do it without even realizing it. I use to be bad about doing it. Thinking that my opinion really mattered or that if I didn’t understand right way then they were wrong or whatnot. But as I’ve gotten older and wiser (haha) I started to think about how it would make me feel if someone judged the things I did. Because I know I do things different then most especially when it comes to mothering my children.

I guess that’s where it all started, when I became a mom. No mom does things the same and it took me a while to realize that that’s ok. We don’t all have to do things the same way. It doesn’t make one better than the other. Its just whatever works for you at that time. So now I try to live without judging others around me. The thing I tell myself that seems to help is “It’s between them and God.” Its not my place to judge others. I try to think outside the box when others are doing things that maybe I don’t understand. Everyone is different and view things in different ways, doesn’t make them wrong just makes them different. (and different can be good)